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I feel grateful that most people who I cherish and connect happen to love Body Kouros (on me) as well!This is a night scent, and my top choice for cold rainy nights. One of the best and can't believe that nobody talk about this. This perfume reminds me JPG Le Male particularly "Superman" but this is the way more classy, sensesual and more manly than "Le Male".They also smell literally the same - perhaps I get slightly more menthol from the older version but I am having to really search this out. 2005 is not a beast at all - sillage is poor on both- always was! Body Kouros was the club banger and panty dropper from what I heard before the lhomme and la nuit days.BK does last long on the skin - so a good skin scent! I never got to smell the vintage bottle but I own a bottle with the new designe and new juice.This is legitimately strong stuff - just two sprays and my wife, still in the next room, mind you (I'm not kidding) - will ask me what I've just applied.I can't tell you when to wear this, because in all honestly I still haven't even come close to figuring that out - but based on the strength I'd say that cold weather is a pretty safe bet.10 minutes later the only thing what I get, a cotton candy sweet, creamy benzoin. I love it, eucalyptus which smells like Hall's cough candies and nag champa incense mixed with a heavy benzoin(vanilla) creates a bewitching heavenly blend 10/10 Not as smoky or incensy as it once was (I have several bottles to compare), but lovely unique, lasting, and well-complimented stuff it is. I usually see this being sold at discount joints with Opium Pour Homme for about -50 AUD, which is a bargain in Australia.You could do far worse, and most men do, for twice the price. I remember having a bottle of BK in about 2005 & remember thinking at the time how bad it performed.

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The biggest difference is probably less incense, perhaps that’s a good thing though.

It open with fresh eucalyptus and benzoin mixed with sweetness as background and continuous until base note.

This fragrance scent has Le Male DNA but the way more naturally, less synthetic and more relaxing note without killing each other near you.

Not a bad one, but very overrated and very linear,..

The openig with the eucalyptus, incense and benzoin is not bad, but cloying, and too much. - Fall/winter, night time scent - Sillage is good, longevity is around 6 hours - Try before buy Scent (open, top-mid): 6/10 (x2) Scent (drydown, base): 7/10 (x2) Sillage: 7/10 Longevity: 6/10 Uniqueness: 9/10 Versatility: 6/10 Total: 6.75/10 I blind bought 15 frags a while ago online, when they arrived and I tested them all, this one was my least favorite, Flash forward 18 months , it's now one of my absolute favorite scents, one you put on at bed time,just for you. A smooth blend of eucalyptus, incense, benzoin, musk, and wood.

When everyone wears 1 Million or Aqua Di Gio or Le Male this fragrance is outstanding and different.

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